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As most of you know, I post close to 100% music-related material on yvynyl.  As such, I’ve subscribed to a plethora of similar blogs on the Tumblr platform and have built up a sizable list of folks who post excellent music and music-related art.

Unfortunately, the newish Tumblr Directory has not proven to serve as an efficient place to find new music blogs within the network (not sure how or why some people tag their blogs ‘music’ with a straight face).  Also, since a great deal of Tumblr blogs are a wild mishmash of just about everything under the sun, I’m not including some great blogs that post about music only occasionally.  All that being said, I’ve decided to create an ongoing directory of the best music-focused Tumblr blogs on my own.  (Also coming soon - maybe? - a list of the best band blogs on Tumblr.)

These are my favorites (in no particular oder):

Okay, now here’s where you come in… this will be an ongoing and growing list.  Who am I missing?

WOW, this totally made my week—and it’s only noon on Monday! Yvynl took it upon himself to aggregate his favorite music-related Tumblrs and presents the above list (HUGE thanks for the mention!). What a selfless & generous thing to do—he’s pretty much giving away all of his best kept secrets and sources!

Seriously, if you aren’t following yvynyl already, go find that “+ Follow” button on his Tumblr and click that shit!

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